Business of Events & Venue

Professional Exhibition, Event Organizer, and Venue Management

Business of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition)
The MICE industry in Indonesia is growing rapidly and it also has become an international industry. Indonesia is starting to be considered as a MICE destination that offers various attractions. The availability of MICE activities both nationally and internationally has become a proof to the world to continue MICE enterprises. Supporting factors such as a stable economy, political stability, improved safety and security, government support and adequate infrastructure further highlight Indonesia’s potential to attract MICE consumers.
In addition to its role in increasing tourism, the MICE industry is also a strong indicator for the growth of a country. To organize and execute international events require new innovations, skilled human resources and top quality service mentality. Other supporting factors include the availability of an international-standard Convention & Exhibition Hall and dependable Professional Exhibition/Event Organizers (PEO).
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